Environment In 2002, our client won the Environmental Protection Agency Project of the Year for this landfill gas project. NCG designed the facilities. The gas recovered from this landfill is used to generate electricity.

NCG has been committed to protecting the environment long before the word Green became part of the popular lexicon. From the beginning NCG has been involved in projects that reduce green house gas emissions. NCG has wide-ranging experience in the capture of green house gases. On most of these projects our clients have realized significant economic benefits. Recovered CO2 can be used in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects or sequestered in various formations. Methane and other gases are generally recovered to be sold in the natural gas market.

New legislative changes will certainly change the economics of future projects. NCG has extensive experience in projects that sequester large volumes of CO2 from natural and anthropogenic sources. NCG is prepared to assist clients with new environmental regulations as they develop.

Environmental benefits are also realized by designing energy efficient facilities. Lower energy requirements further reduce the carbon footprint. This design approach benefits both the client and the environment. Reducing energy requirements lowers the operating cost.

NCG continues to explore new technologies as they become available. NCG is also a presenter for the US Department of Energy on CO2 capture and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

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NCG has been committed to protecting the environment long before the word Green became part of the popular lexicon.


Midland & Delaware Basins

Located in Midland, Texas, NCG has extensive experience in the Midland and Delaware Basin, Experience includes, well hook ups, gathering system modeling and design, pipeline modeling and design, production facilities (tank batteries), gas compression, and salt water disposal (SWD). NCG can also analyze bottlenecks in existing facilities and design solutions to support new drilling programs.


NCG is experienced in processing and treating natural gas. Experience also includes stabilization of gas liquids, pipelines and truck loading facilities.

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